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5 ways how an IOSH certification can benefit your business

Good health and safety practices make business sense. With annual statistics showing that there is still much work to be done to keep staff and suppliers safe, a companywide approach to adopting and retaining safe working conditions is key. In 2017/18, 30.7 million working days were lost due to work related ill health or workplace injuries (you can read more here). This is where IOSH training courses can help!

Before going into the benefits of IOSH certification it is worth pointing out that IOSH courses are internationally recognised and accredited by the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH). Here are Alpha, we offer two main IOSH qualifications to choose from: Managing Safely and Working Safely.

The Managing Safely course is aimed at team managers, leaders and supervisors. During the course, delegates learn how to review their departmental systems for safety and implement new controls and processes.

The Working Safely course in turn benefits workers at any level and in any sector to give them a basic understanding of the essentials in health and safety and the reasons why they must work safely.

These are the main benefits for the organisation in achieving IOSH certification:

Helping to minimise risks in the workplace through improved health and safety awareness

Educating people about the importance and implications of good health and safety practices, and giving them the tools to implement them makes the working environment safer.

Satisfying a legal requirement to offer a safe place to work

As an employer, you must protect your workers and others from getting hurt or ill through work as set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. If you don’t, you may be sued under criminal or civil law.

Providing delegates with the opportunity to take on further responsibility

Offering your staff an IOSH qualification not only helps to develop them as individuals, but also upskills them to take on more responsibility within the organisation

Shows staff, clients and stakeholders that you are a responsible business that takes their responsibilities seriously

This can help with staff recruitment and retention, winning new business and setting up effective supplier relationships

Increased performance and productivity through less sickness and absence

Implementing and following safe working practices will lead to a happier, healthier workforce which will in turn increase performance and productivity.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our IOSH courses by calling 01903 871381 or info@alphahealthandsafety.com.

We have recently reduced the duration of the IOSH Managing Safely course from 4 days to 3 days whilst the course objectives remain unchanged. We are aware that it can be difficult for managers to be away from their workplace for a few days at a time and that delegates prefer to have longer days but in a more compressed timescale.   

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