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Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at workers involved in working in or near water in a non-rescue capacity.



To give delegates an awareness of the hazards associated with water, the knowledge to carry out basic land-based (Shout, Reach, and Throw) rescue techniques and gain a knowledge of the risks associated with water, basic safety measures required to keep everyone safe.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be aware of how to state the hazards associated with working near water and the safety measures to be put in place when working near water. The awareness of the physiological effects of water and how to identify the basic characteristics and hazards of the water environment. The delegates will gain an understanding of flowing water hydrology, have an appreciation of the difficulties associated ice, mud and other unstable surfaces and a knowledge of the prioritised approach to rescue attempts.

Delivery Method

A combination of classroom based activity, syndicate working and presentation/demonstrations, practical application. A wide range of video and photographic material is used to enhance the learning experience for delegates.

Assessment and Certification

Continual assessment process leading to certification on successfully completing the course.


3 hours

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