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Learn how to use a defibrillator at the Worthing Better Business Show

Meet some of our team at the Worthing Better Business Show and learn when and how to use a defibrillator.

The upcoming Worthing Better Business Show on 23rd September 2021 is the ideal opportunity to meet other local businesses from the West Sussex area, and we are looking forward to being an exhibitor once again. The last time we exhibited, we showcased our Mobile Confined Space Training Unit to the visitors to help raise awareness of confined spaces and the specialist training needed to work safely in them.

At this year’s event we will be demonstrating how to use a defibrillator. Luckily, with growing numbers of them now available in workplaces and public spaces such as train stations, sports clubs, seafront areas and shopping centres, these are more accessible than ever before – but the majority of people are still feeling daunted about using one, and we want to do our bit to raise awareness and show exactly how easy they are to use.

What is a defibrillator?

Defibrillators are also known as defibs, AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) or PAD’s (Public Access Defibrillators).

Defibrillators are used to provide first aid to someone going into cardiac arrest. It is a medical device that can detect and analyse the heart's rhythm and deliver an electrical shock, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

This video by the British Heart Foundation shows the different parts of a defibrillator in more detail.

Using a defibrillator - British Heart Foundation

How do you use a defibrillator?

One of the great things about defibrillators is that they give voice instructions to follow, making it very easy to use them. The device itself is connected to pads that need to be attached to the patient’s chest. It’s worth pointing out that you cannot do any harm using one! The device will tell you when to press the ‘shock’ button.

How can you locate a defibrillator?

If you find yourself in an emergency, you should always call 999 first. The call handlers will be able to not only give you instructions on what to do, but they can also tell you where the nearest defibrillator is located.

Did you know there are apps to show you where your nearest AED is located? One of them is called the Save a Life app and can be easily downloaded via the App Store or Google Store.

The Worthing Better Business Show takes place at the Worthing Leisure Centre on Thursday 23rd September between 10am and 4pm. Tickets are free, and we would love to see lots of familiar and new faces there. Book your ticket here.

You can find out more about our First Aid Training courses here.

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