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Meet the Rescue 2 team

Meet the Rescue 2 team, find out more about their roles within the business and what they enjoy the most about their work.

Sarah Capelin

I’ve been with Rescue 2 for the last 4 years following a year in the Alpha Training team coordinating Health hand Safety courses. With the Rescue 2 office just next door to Alpha’s, I had always been curious about the confined space and rescue side of things so moved across when a role became available. I am the Senior Operations Coordinator so once the requirements for a new job have been agreed, I will liaise with the technicians to find the best team for the job and manage the correspondence with the client. 4 years ago, I knew nothing about confined space and I’ve learnt so much – it’s a really interesting and varied industry. The job can be stressful at times, but we have a good working relationship and we always get the job done.

Prior to Rescue 2, I worked for the Body Shop for 29 years in a number of roles, from the production line to admin and technical information manager. The freebies and access to new products ahead of launch were great perks of the job!

Becca Page

I do the same role as Sarah so act as a conduit between the client and our technicians to make sure it all comes together. I am also responsible for making sure that the technicians’ training certificates are all up to date and in order. Currently, we’re in the middle of the launch of a new work flow system and database which will hopefully make our lives easier.

I’ve been with Rescue 2 for 3.5 years and worked in retail for 13 years prior to that, most recently as Store Manager. What I love the most about working for Rescue 2 is the learning and the great team - plus it’s a lovely setting to work in, looking across the countryside and farmers’ fields.

Owen Howells

My role is Senior Technical Operations Coordinator for Rescue 2, working very closely with Andy. We talk to clients about new jobs, provide quotations and we also go out to site together. I predominantly work on big outages which involve teams of 50-100 people of contractors  that we provide an onsite 24 hour rescue provision for. This includes working closely with the onsite health and safety advisers. These types of jobs can last between 2-5 weeks. We tend to work out of our own control unit on site as our mobile office, with all contractors and clients having to come through us as a central point. When Andy is away, I step up to cover for him.

What’s good in my role is that it’s very varied – I like the split between working in the office and on site to carry out audits, meet clients or support the technicians. I overlap with RMT, I also get involved in procurement/ research new equipment. Additionally I  look after the Rescue 2 fleet.

Another growing area I really enjoy is the confined space classification and consultation.

I’ve been with Rescue 2 for 4.5 years following a 15 year career in the Army.

Andy Green

My role is Head of Technical Operations and I’ve been with Rescue 2 since the very early days, 9 years ago. On an everyday basis, I go out to meet with clients, write rescue plans, oversee the RAMS, manage the health and safety side of things, come up with ideas on how to carry out a rescue and manage the team to work effectively. It’s important to me that I keep going on site to do site audits and work alongside the rest of the team on a job, I wouldn’t want to just be based in the office.

In a nutshell, I’m directly responsible for our work and the buck stops with me. It’s an all-encompassing role which I wouldn’t be able to do without the team here. Every day is a challenge, but I wouldn’t want it any other way – we all want the job to be done as safely as possible and the whole team work together to achieve the best solution for the client.

Before Rescue 2, I was part of the London Fire Services for 26 years in some of the busy West End stations. I was Watch manager in charge of the watch and was working in the search and rescue team hence my knowledge in confined spaces and different aspects of rope. I’ve done this my whole life, which would explain the grey hair!

Rescue 2 team shot

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