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WaBack Access

    • WaBack Access has all the benefits of the WaBack non-return chamber. WaBack Access comes in a chamber in which the WaBack non-return chamber is detachable from ground level. This facilitates operation and maintenance, and makes it easy to replace parts.
    • The product is usually used as protection against overload and flooding in drains, and as protection against backflow of surface water and waste water.
    • The product is used to advantage in heavily polluted water. The flow area is completely open, to ensure blockages are prevented.

    The benefits of the WaBack Access:

    • Works immediately and automatically
    • Is always open for flow under normal operating conditions and has full drainage ventilation
    • Is supplied complete with inspection chamber and non-return valve in one
    • Provides easy access from ground level during inspection and maintenance
    • Is made of corrosion-free material, making for a long service life
    • Is tried-and-tested - has been on the market for more than 30 years
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