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WaFlap Flap Valve

    The benefits of the WaFlap:

    • WaFlap flap valves prevent backflow for stormwater and wastewater in pipe systems, chambers and basins. Used in ports, river and soastal areas and in the agricultural sector as well as for aquaculture.
    • For emergency shutdown on roads. The flap check valve is then fitted with a hook and chain. The flap valve is fitted on an outgoing pipe in a chamber, and must be in the open position. When an accident occurs the chain is released and the flap closes. This is to prevent environmentally hazardous substances from spreading to water sources

    Environmental benefits that the WaFlap contributes to:

    • Protects Water Sources: By preventing the spread of pollutants, the flap gates help protect water sources and ecosystems from contamination.
    • Prevents Flood Damage: Assists in controlling water flows and reduces the risk of flood damage, thereby protecting both nature and communities.
    • Contributes to Sustainable Development: By offering a solution that is both effective and reliable, WaFlap supports a sustainable future with reduced environmental impact.
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