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Wastop Inline Check Valve

    The benefits of the WaStop:

    • The WaStop is designed to be simple and effective, when it was first invented it was designed with automatic protection in mind.
    • Working on differential pressure, the WaStop Functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity, and with the lowest maintenance schedule of any check vale in its class.
    • The WaStop is designed with function top of mind, Wapro’s engineers developed a valve that can function in stormwater, sewer and odour applications, as well as ensuring to cover the range of sizes of pipes to enable retrofitting with ease, we can cover all shapes and sizes of pipes, from 75mm-2000mm even making them bespoke when needed.

    Environmental benefits that the WaStop contributes to:

    • Minimise environmental impact: Requires no electricity or continuous maintenance, reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Prevent pollution: Effective protection against flooding helps protect local waterways from contamination.
    • Long lifespan: With few moving parts and high resistance to external influences such as temperature changes and chemicals, WaStop offers a sustainable solution with minimal maintenance.
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