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Rescue 2 - Working with ITV on Dinosaur Britain Series

Rescue 2 have been involved with another exciting project for the film and television production industry.  

The new ITV series, Dinosaur Britain, tells the amazing story of many of the dinosaurs that once roamed our country revealing how they hunted, what they ate and how they died from the evidence revealed from their bones.

In episode 1,     Rescue 2 were commissioned to help out with equipment, access, and to provide a Confined Space Rescue provision.  In the film clips, you can see the presenter Ellie Harrison, wearing our very our Rescue 2 safety equipment, and being winched down into a slate mine by the Rescue 2 team.

Presenter Ellie Harrison, headed to the place where the very first bone in the world to be identified as a dinosaur was discovered, just north of Oxford, forty feet underground. Ellie heads down the slate mine where she explains how a miner came across this amazing discovery in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire in 1824: “It was clearly part of a large jaw, filled with vicious looking teeth. But it was unlike anything that had ever been seen before anywhere on earth.”

Ellie, who fell in love with dinosaurs as a child, teams up with 25‐year‐old Dean Lomax, one of Britain’s youngest palaeontologists, to bring Dinosaur Britain to life as never before. Ellie and Dean come ‘face to face’ with incredible CGI dinosaurs against the backdrop of some of Britain’s most famous landmarks – including Big Ben and Stonehenge.

Episode 1 of Dinosaur Britain can be viewed here: https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/dinosaur-britain/series-1/episode-1

Rescue 2 were also recently involved in the production of a major feature film in London, where they were contracted to be on-site to provide confined space advice and assistance for the stunt team - and to be on hand to provide a rope and emergency rescue service whilst filming took place in a deep shaft.

For further information on the services of Rescue 2, please call 01903 871105.

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