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Rescue2 deal with Medical Emergency during Power Station contract

Rescue2 have been busy working on a long term contract at a Power Station in the South West of England, which is undergoing a shutdown for essential maintenance works. The four man team comprises of technical rescue specialists, and an onsite paramedic. They are responsible for the safety of the 300 onsite workers and contractors.

Throughout the contract, the team have been moderately busy with minor injuries and day to day illness, and medical screening for high intensity work and confined spaces.

Yesterday however, they were called to an unexpected emergency.

One of the Engineering staff, a middle aged male in the design offices suddenly became unsteady, grey parlour and confused.  His colleagues had no idea what was happening suspecting a heart attack.

They called 999 and alerted the control room that a medical emergency was taking place.
Control immediately activated Rescue2, calling over the radio for the Paramedic and Rescue Team to call in immediately for location and nature of emergency.

Rescue2 paramedic, Mark Turner said:
“Within 2 minutes Rescue2 were on the scene assessing the patient, and quickly diagnosed a major cerebral event.
The patient’s personal details were quickly copied and given to us, and staff placed under instruction at intersections to guide the ambulance to the location while we continued to assess the patient and gather a vital medical history.

Our NHS colleagues arrived within 10 minutes; we assisted them in loading the patient, completing an ECG and Intravenous Access and completing all the essential patient details which we had already gathered.

Upon discussion, our NHS colleagues agreed that due to the Industrial Action taking place that day in the NHS, and the potential severity of the patient’s condition, they would pre-alert the specialist team at the hospital and expedite transfer."

The next morning, Rescue2 were informed that despite a difficult overnight in hospital, with a number of medical events occurring, the patient was able to speak to his family and colleagues this morning.

Industrial Rescue and Medical Response is often expected to be traumatic; falls, confined spaces, gas, amputations - while we train constantly for these events, the most common are the same medical emergencies that could happen in the street or at home.

Mark added:  “There are around 300 lives on this site that may rely upon our training, speedy response and treatment at any time.   That is why we are here.”

Great work from our Rescue 2 team.

Incidents like this are a good reminder of the importance of a comprehensive risk assessment, and a well-equipped, well trained rescue and medical team, being able to implement a quick and effective rescue.
Rescue 2 provide teams of experienced technical rescue specialists to any company across the UK, that wants to ensure the safest possible outcome for their staff and contractors whilst working in a confined space, or similar high risk environment.
For further information, please contact Rescue 2 on 01903 871105, or visit our website at www.rescue2.co.uk

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