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Rope access maintenance at Weir Wood Reservoir

One of our Rescue teams have just completed an assignment at Weir Wood Reservoir, East Sussex.

The work involved a 12m rope entry into a drained down clarifier hopper, to carry out debris removal which had accumulated at the base, and other basic maintenance tasks.

Rescue 2 not only supplied the rescue provision, but additionally one of our own team members was able to rope in and complete the work. The rope worker was under the control of the rescue operatives at the top and entered into the risk via a belay device.
When entering the risk, the rope worker also carried down with him the required rope metal equipment, to be able to make an ascend or descend on their own accord.  Debris was removed in containers which were hauled up via a general purpose line and pulley.

Rescue 2 assisted with access and egress into the risk area and managed the rope rescue lines when used.

As well as managing all aspects of risk management - our ability to rope in and carry out this work saved the contractor a lot of money and time - negating the cost of erecting scaffolding and employing additional contractors.

Rescue 2 will be returning to complete the second phase of maintenance works later this month.

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