Whether you are an outage coordinator, utilities manager or contractor working in confined space environments, you will know the risks associated with this type of work and the need to have a robust risk assessment process with suitable control measures in place to safeguard the workforce, remain compliant with current legislation and show a commitment to health and safety practices. 

Confined space working and indeed the need for dedicated on-site safety and rescue provision can be difficult to understand and often falls at the furthest points of the proverbial pendulum swing! Often being either not enough qualified and experienced personnel with little or no equipment through to overcompensation due to poor third party advice.

The key is to engage with all key players at an early stage and look at the real associated risks. Looking at whether the space is substantially (though not always entirely enclosed) and there are one or more specified risks, or that they are "reasonably foreseeable".

The risks may include issues such as Gases, Fluids, Heat, Chemicals, Fire and explosion, free flowing solids, oxygen deficiency and many others.

When considering emergency arrangements, and if the need for dedicated on-site safety and rescue is necessary, you will need to consider such things as physical environment, difficult access and egress and indeed difficult rescue. What about contractor welfare? fitness assessment? medical on-site screening? hydration and medical conditions?

Rescue 2 can offer you impartial advice including confined space risk assessments, safety and rescue planning analysis, staged rescue gap analysis with written reports to identify specific needs to the customer. We also offer a total care package including confined space training that can be carried out on-site using one of our dedicated bespoke mobile confined space training units which offer either accredited City and Guilds qualifications or bespoke training.

Rescue 2 now offer cover inclusive of confined space management and rescue, contractor on-site risk area management, full paramedic rescue provision with dedicated on-site front line spec ambulances and medical treatment, rope rescue, technical rescue, initial firefighting and chemical response including front line spec fire appliances all crewed by multi disciplined emergency service trained and experienced personnel.

This service is available UK wide it is highly probable that it's no more or even less than you are paying for services that in no way match this now! Why not have a holistic and comprehensive approach to your outage safety management or planned utilities projects for pretty much the same price as you may be paying for lesser services?

"If you do what you have always done - you will get what you have always got!"

So if you are prepared to challenge and be challenged with your safety and rescue provision, and you are looking for real return on investment, please contact Rescue 2 on 01903 871105 or email shaun@rescue2.co.uk for more details.