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Tidal storm sewer - Line and Level Survey Cover

Rescue 2 have just completed Confined Space Entry cover operation in Brentford - for a Line and Level Survey of a 400 metre tidal storm sewer. 

This will enable an accurate plan to be drawn up showing exact position and depth of the sewer which is important when developing the site above.

After an initial risk assessment, the work had to be completed within a tight time slot at low tide when water levels were low, and weather good.

Rescue 2 provided an eight man team - 1 team leader and 7 rescue technicians, with seperate access and egress sites set up with rescue cover at each end.
The survey was approximately 55m in length but the team had to traverse a 110m length of storm pipe approximately 1.2 m diameter.

Entry A was the point in which two surveyors entered the risk with all their equipment. They were managed by the rescue team into the risk area via winch and fall arrest attached to a tripod. A rescue team member walked through with the survey team so communications were kept at all times. At entry point A there were also two Rescue 2 persons rigged in dry suits, with the appropriate rescue equipment ready to be deployed if required, plus a top man.
At Exit Point B  there were also a team of 4 - one top man to manage the crew, one bottom man to have comms with the survey crew, and two rescue persons ready to be deployed if a rescue was required.  Once the survey was complete the survey team was managed out of the exit point B via tripod winch and fall arrest.

At all times throughout the operation comms were kept relating to welfare, progress, and gas monitoring.

On a sunny but very cold day, Alpha left HQ at 04:45am, arriving back at approx 16:00hrs - work safely completed.

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