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Our Top Ten most unusual Confined Space Training customers

As well as the obvious industries that require confined space training, such as underground utility workers, contractors and surveyors… it never ceases to amaze us, how many different and diverse industry types come through our doors here at Alpha Training for professional Confined Space Training!

For a bit of fun, we’ve compiled a list of:

Our top ten most unexpected customers requiring Confined Space Training!

  1. Wine Makers (for the cleaning out and maintenance of the large wine Vats)
  2. Archaeologists (for deep excavation work)
  3. A large Cosmetics Manufacturer (for the staff that work in the laboratories and access the manufacturing tanks)
  4. Prestige marinas / boat yards and ship builders.
  5. Environmental monitoring teams
  6. A Group of Ecologists (who studied bats and birds in confined areas such as caves and culverts)
  7. Natural Environmentalists (providing practical scientific advice on England’s landscapes and wildlife)
  8. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (for a specific surveying requirement)
  9. Oil Tank Installers
  10. High Tech Offshore Sonar Engineering Company

Serious injuries and emergencies in confined spaces occur across a wide range of industries and occupations. Alpha Training equip employees and contractors to work safely or respond to critical situations, whether in sewers, underground tunnels, complex manufacturing plants or simple storage vessels… bat caves or wine vats!

Whatever your industry - quality professional accredited training is crucial.

For more information on our Confined Space Training courses, including our full range of City & Guilds accredited courses, visit our website, or call 01903 871381.

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