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Face Fit Train the Tester

If you work in an industry where you are required to wear respiratory protective equipment, then a face fit test is essential. We run 4 hours interactive courses to train you to be a qualitative face fit tester, this will provide you with the right training to ensure you can train your delegates to the correct standard meeting with HSE regulations.

What is Qualitative Face Fit Testing?

  • Fit Testing is a legal requirement for the wearing of any tight-fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and is covered by HSE regulations.
  • RPE used must be able to provide adequate and suitable protection for individual wearers. RPE cannot protect the wearer if it does not fit. 
  • Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) is a pass/fail test. It is based on the wearer’s subjective assessment of any leakage through the face seal region by detecting the introduction of a test agent.
  • The QLFT method is suitable for disposable and reusable half masks only (not full-face). If more than one type of RPE is worn, then each one must be fit tested.
  • The QLFT consist of, while wearing the mask, a test agent in the form of an aerosol being sprayed into a hood placed over the head. While standing, a series of exercises emulating a full range of head and facial movements are carried out. This is to ensure an adequate seal with the face is maintained throughout.

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Available Courses

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Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at those requiring sufficient knowledge, understanding and practical ability to carry out in-house qualitative face fit testing, on behalf of their company or as a private entity.



Delivery Method

A combination of classroom based activity, syndicate working and presentation/demonstrations, practical application and question and answer paper with final practical assessments.

Assessment and Rescue 2 Certification

Continued assessment process with final written question paper and practical assessment. A certificate is issued on successfully passing.


4 hours

Available Dates
There are currently no dates scheduled for this course. Please click the enquire button to let us know your requirements and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
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    • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the requirements for, and how to conduct a qualitative face fit test in accordance with any current regulations and Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP)
    • Identify problems that may affect the test process
    • Have an insight into a variety of respiratory protective equipment and filter types, and how to inspect and maintain to the manufacturers instructions
    • Identify hazards and select appropriate mask and filters
    • Demonstrate how to record the findings of a face fit test in accordance with current regulations and ACOP and issue a test certificate
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