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Update on our school planter project

Since 2022, we've been partnering with Southern Water and SuDs Planter Ltd to make a positive impact in sustainable water management! Together, we've successfully installed raingarden planters at over 80 schools.

From inception to execution, we've taken the lead in coordinating with schools, conducting surveys, overseeing installations, and hosting engaging planting sessions with students.

But what exactly are raingarden planters? Well, these innovative structures are specifically engineered to slow down the flow of rainwater from roof downpipes. As the plants absorb the water, any excess is released slowly back into the sewer system through a smaller pipe at the back. This clever design not only prevents onsite flooding but also helps alleviate strain on the network, reducing the risk of wider surface water issues.

And here's the best part – no disruption required! The installation of these planters doesn't involve any digging or construction, keeping disruptions to an absolute minimum.

But it's not just about managing stormwater – raingarden planters play a crucial role in advancing environmental sustainability. They enhance urban landscapes, promote biodiversity, and empower communities to take part in sustainable development efforts.

Together, we're making a difference in sustainable water management, one raingarden planter at a time. Join us in nurturing ecological resilience and creating greener, more resilient communities!

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