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Protect from the risks of work related Respiratory Disease

Each year workers suffer from illnesses caused or made worse by their current or most recent job. Many workers also suffer ill health from workplace exposures - some working environments can cause life threatening diseases such as Work Related Lung Disease.

High risk tasks associated with Work Related Lung Disease include; cutting, drilling and sanding.

Working with Stonework, Cement and Concrete Manufacture, Wood Working, Baking and Milling all produce air born particles that can be inhaled and long-term exposure is extremely detrimental to health.

As employers you have the responsibility and legal duty to protect your employees in the work place. you can do this by controlling exposure to risks and by supplying appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Many employees wear respirators or breathing apparatus to protect their health in the workplace. These devices are collectively known as Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). Respirators filter the air to remove harmful substances and breathing apparatus provides clean air for the employee to breathe.

If using respiratory protective equipment you must adhere to the manufacturers instructions and ensure appropriate training and instruction is provided. If not worn properly the RPE will not effectively provide the required protection.

One of the ways to check the effectiveness of the RPE is to ‘Face Fit’. Face fitting is a legal requirement and is covered by INDG479.

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit testing is a short but vital process, not only ensuring that as an employer you stay HSE compliant, but also providing a vital link in the chain of respiratory protection.

Respiratory Protective Equipment relies on achieving good contact between the wearers skin and the seal of the face piece. It is unlikely that one type of mask will fit everyone and a poor fit will reduce the level of protection.

A face fit test will also check the wearer knows how to put on the mask correctly.

Providing appropriate RPE and Face fit testing are comprehensive ways in supporting employees and reducing work related lung disease.

Face Fit Testing UK provide training and support to companies using Respiratory Protective Equipment, across Sussex and the South Coast.
For further information, or to book your test - please call 07377 446462
 or email info@facefittestinguk.co.uk

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